Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Box Review - Jabba's Palace

Hello everyone,

Well, in my almost consistent fashion with these boxes now, here we are reviewing the latest one, yet again a month late!

July's Smuggler's Bounty box was themed to Jabba's Palace. So, let's take a look!

The outside of the box:

Under the first flap, as always, we come to the pin and patch:

Under that flap, we reveal the main contents of the box:

The information card about the box contents:

Plush Boba Fett:

C-3PO baseball cap:

Jabba the Hutt mug:

R2-D2 Funko Pop Vinyl:

I would give this box four out of five. It actually has a decent amount of items in it, but I have to say, the mug is the ugliest mug I have ever seen. Personally, I feel as though it is a waste of an item because it is that bad! Everything else though is fine. It's nice to get a baseball cap instead of a t-shirt for a change, and the exclusive Pop Vinyl is another fun one again. I think my favourite item is the Boba Fett plush; he's pretty cute!

Have a great day everyone,