TMNT Mega Bloks Review, Part Ten - Raph Rooftop Blast-Out

Hello everyone,

In this edition my ongoing TMNT Mega Bloks review series, we are going to take a look at the Raph Rooftop Blast-Out set.

Raph Rooftop Blast-Out contains 134 pieces, including two minifigures, and is set number DPF64. You can purchase the set form Amazon, here.

The front and the back of the box:

The contents of the box:

The completed set:

The fronts and the backs of the minifigures:



I would give this set four out of five. I was reluctant to give it any higher than that, and almost gave it three and a half. While I like that they made a Rahzar minifigure, it really isn't the most exciting set in the world. It is very simple and basic, and while Raph has some sort of catapult sewer cover and the posters can be "blown up" (see above photo), it really is pretty flat. Interestingly, the aforementioned posters are actually a kind of thick paper, and not plastic. Raphael is a twist action minifigure, which I suppose is mildly interesting, but again, not really that important to the feel of the set. Anyway, it's fun to have Rahzar in the range, but otherwise not a vital addition to a collection.

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