LEGO 2016 Advent Calendar Review, Part Two

Hello everyone,

In the second of my three part review of the 2016 LEGO advent calendars, I am going to take a look at the Star Wars edition.

The set number is 75146, and contains 282 pieces, including eight minifigures.

So, let's take a look.

The front and the back of the box:

The calendar opens up to reveal the doors and a small scene.

Now, let's go through day by day and see what is behind each one.

Day one:

Day two:

Day three:

Day four:

Day five:

Day six:

Day seven:

Day eight:

Day nine:

Day ten:

Day eleven:

Day twelve:

Day thirteen:

Day fourteen:

Day fifteen:

Day sixteen:

Day seventeen:

Day eighteen:

Day nineteen:

Day twenty:

Day twenty one:

Day twenty two:

Day twenty three:

Day twenty four:

I would give this set five out of five. The fact that it includes eight minifigures (including some that are exclusive to this set) plus the battle droid, is a real high point. Some of the minibuild models are cool, too, with Slave One, the TIE Fighter and the sleigh probably being my favourites. Some of them - as always with these things - are a little questionable, but nothing too jarring that you can't figure it out, especially if you're a Star Wars fan.

Have a great day everyone,