Six Flags America, Christmas 2016

Hello everyone,

Last month (December), we made one last visit of the year to Six Flags America in Maryland. As with all our trips to the park, our primary focus was to see the special things for the season, and characters. For whatever reason, unfortunately, on the day of our visit the park seemed to be devoid of characters. When we asked a host they told us there would be some out later in the evening, but we had planned to already be gone by that point. Anyway, we walked around the park and saw the Christmas lights they had illuminated for their Holiday in the Park festivities. I have to admit, I have always been somewhat critical of the Maryland park, especially when compared to the New Jersey one, but it did look pretty at night for the holidays.

We walked around a couple of times, and I took some photos, as usual, which I am going to share below.

Have a great day everyone - and Happy New Year!