Washington DC, Winter 2016/17

Hello everyone,

In December of last year, and earlier this month, I visited Washington, DC, to attend the National Christmas Tree display and show some friends around the city.

The National Christmas Tree display is something that has become an annual festive tradition for Jon and I. We enjoy the lights and colours, and seeing each year the different decorations made by people from the states represented by the trees. In addition to the main tree, there are smaller trees for each of the states and territories that make up the USA.

Since there are over 50 trees, and most of them are very similar I will share just a selection of photos, instead of overwhelming you with tens of photos of the same thing (I realise the decorations are all different, but it was difficult in the dark and sub-zero temperatures to get good photos).

The White House, which sits in front of the display, was of course decorated for the season, too.

As the sun set, there were some pretty views across to the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

During December we also visited the National Air and Space Museum, on the National Mall. One of my favourite things to view here is the original model of the USS Enterprise, from Star Trek.

Earlier this month (January), we took some visiting friends to the city to experience some of the sights, and ended up at the National Museum of American History. As you well know by now, we are big Disney fans, and the National Museum of American History is currently exhibiting some Disney artifacts and puppets from The Muppets.

The museum is also home to Dorothy's ruby red slippers, from The Wizard of Oz. The camera that filmed the movie is also in the museum, as well as part of the original script.

I hope to visit Washington again in the spring for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which is another of our annual traditions.

Have a great day everyone,