A Review of Our First Loot Crate Experience (updated May 2017)

Hello everyone,

A little while back the TMNT social media pages advertised that Loot Crate were going to be offering a TMNT theme in one of their upcoming boxes, so of course I had to see what it was all about!

For those of you who follow the blog here, you will know that we subscribe to the Funko Marvel and Star Wars boxes, and in the past I subscribed to the TMNT Box (which was an unofficial one). The Funko Star Wars and Marvel boxes are always exceptionally good value and wholly themed to their universes. The TMNT Box was wholly TMNT themed, however, the quality of it was not the best, which is why I dropped the subscription. With all that said, we had never subscribed to Loot Crate, but know that people really love it.

Delivery day arrived, and with much excitement and anticipation, I opened it up to see what TMNT goodies awaited me. I was instead immensely disappointed. Without really realising, I had assumed, I suppose, that when a Loot Crate box has what I had interpreted as a "theme", really what that means is that there will be something vaguely related to that thing thrown in, along with other items that are from other franchises.

Before I give more of my thoughts, let's take a look at the box.

The outside of the box:

View of inside the box when initially opened:

Loot Crate Magazine:

TMNT Geeki Tiki:


Captain America shield:

Action Comics reprint:

Mario t-shirt:

So, as you can see, there were only two items that were TMNT themed, and the rest was things that I really couldn't care less about. A shield? A Mario t-shirt? A Super-Man comic? Really?! The magazine had a code for Comixology by Amazon, where you could claim the first five issues of the current TMNT IDW comic, but other than that, the box was a complete waste of time.

I think that the main problem was that I was misled by the TMNT Facebook page, that claimed that basically there would be a cool TMNT box. I know, I could have researched what Loot Crate usually does, and I might have had a better idea of what to expect, but given that we subscribe to two boxes already and had a third one a while back (as mentioned above), I just assumed that I could expect the same kind of theming and quality.

Needless to say, we will not be continuing our subscription to Loot Crate. I have no need to for boxes of random items that I have no interest in!

Have a great day everyone,