Turtle Power! - Visiting the Springfield Museums, May 2017

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago we took a whirlwind trip up to New England to visit the Turtle Power exhibit currently being hosted by the Springfield Museums (yes, plural), in Springfield, Massachusetts.

We arrived at opening on a Saturday morning, and proceeded to get our tickets. Springfield Museums is actually a collection of museums, centred around a courtyard that is home to a Dr Seuss garden. I will talk about that in a separate report, since I want this one to remain focussed on the TMNT.

So, we got our wristbands, and, since we were next to the store already, went to check out what merchandise they had to offer. Unfortunately it was all licensed items that can be found anywhere - they didn't have anything exclusive to the museum.

We headed out of the store and to the part of the museum where the exhibit was being hosted. I'll be honest, I don't recall what the specific name of the building was, but it is normally home to Asian artefacts, which was appropriate for the TMNT.

It was actually very interesting to see some of the really neat samurai warrior suits of armour and other items.

The TMNT part of the exhibit was at the back of the main room. Unfortunately you were not allowed to take photos inside the main TMNT exhibit, but of course, they didn't say anything about not taking photos from the entrance looking in...

The room itself is really not that big, and there wasn't too much there, but it was cool to see so much artwork from the TMNT universe, including original items created by Eastman, Laird and their original Mirage team. There was also an old games console where you could play one of the first TMNT 1987 cartoon video games, as well as real weapons that showed what the turtles' own weapons would look like in real life.

Over all, I would say it was interesting to see, and as a huge TMNT fan, I definitely got something out of it. Is it worth travelling thousands of miles cross-continent for? Probably not; but if you're in the New England or even mid-Atlantic regions, I'd say it was worth a trip to see, if combined with other places such as Boston to make a weekend out of it - which is exactly what we did. The exhibit is there until September (it was extended due to its popularity).

For those who really care, just north of Springfield, MA, is a town called Northampton. All TMNT fans should know its significance, so I couldn't resist taking these photos, even if I couldn't go inside...

Have a great day everyone,