Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Box Review - 40th Anniversary

Hello everyone,

It's another month, and time for another Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty box review!

This month's box is themed to the 40th anniversary of the original movie. So, let's take a look inside.

The outside of the box:

The pin and patch under the first flap:

The contents under the second flap:

This month's exclusive Pop Vinyl:

Pop! salt and pepper shakers:

Running wrist bands:

I would give this box four and a half out of five. While we still have five items in this box - two of which are of a substantial size - somehow it doesn't quite clinch the usual five out of five that I give these boxes. The land speeder is very cool, but the salt and pepper shakers are perhaps a little, uh, odd? As for the wrist sweat bands, well, while we do run, I can imagine they are almost worthless to a lot of people. It just seemed like a really odd and random mix this month, but still, it is good value, and therefore scores highly, even if not perfectly.

Have a great day everyone,