Afternoon Tea at Reynolds Tavern, A Review

Hello everyone,

Recently we were looking for something different to do, and after my Boston Tea Party experience (which you can read my review of, here), I decided to see if there were any other historical afternoon tea experiences. I found one in Annapolis, Maryland, at a place called Reynolds Tavern.

Dating back to 1747, and sporting - as they describe on their website as - "one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture", Reynolds Tavern is situated in the main downtown area of Annapolis, near the State House.

There were multiple options for the afternoon tea, but we decided to go for the maxed out option to try it all. I'll share some photos, and then tell you my opinion after.

As you can see from the photos above, the food looked really nice - and it was. However, we both felt that for the price (which for the two of us, after tax and tip was close to $50, if I recall correctly) that we didn't get quite enough. The photos show what we were given for the both of us to share. $50 for two people for afternoon tea is somewhat steep. I will say, though, that if you're looking for a friendly, historical place to eat or enjoy a drink, Reynolds Tavern is certainly worth considering.

Have a great day everyone,