TMNT SDCC 2017 NECA Collector Set, A Review

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share with you some photos of the NECA SDCC 2017 "TMNT 30th Anniversary Cartoon Action Figure Box Set", which features eight figures, along with a multitude of accessories.

The set was limited edition of 5000, and available at San Diego ComicCon last month, with a very limited quantity available online. The set retailed for $200. The set came in a special collector's case, with really neat artwork all around it. Honestly, for a limited edition set that has eight figures, plus accessories and a collectible case, $200 really wasn't that bad.

The figures in the set are the four TMNT, Shredder, Krang and two Foot Soldiers. It would be almost impossible to say what my favourite part of this set is, because quite simply, it's awesome! The sculpting and detailing is incredible, and unlike anything we'd ever see from Playmates (the eternal distributer of all main TMNT figures), but, if I HAD to choose, I would say that I really love Krang - the fact he can sit on the little pedestal and inside his bubble walker is pretty cool.

Accessories in the set include the main weapons of the four TMNT, communicators, laser blasters, pizza, and a mutagen canister. There are also a variety of interchangeable hands for the TMNT, Shredder and the Foot Soldiers, and Krang's tentacles pop out so that he can sit in the bubble walker (you can then attach them to the walker to give the look of them coming through the holes in the front!).

Anyway, that's enough talking about the set - let's take a look at no less than 43 pictures I took of them all!


Have a great day everyone,