Disney Treasures Box Review - Tiny Town

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to take a look at the Tiny Town Disney Treasures box from Funko.

The outside of the box:

The pin and the patch under the first flap:

The contents of the box under the second flap:

The Tiny Town info sheet:

Tiny Town sticker:

Jiminy Cricket vinyl figure:

"it's a small world" Dorbz Ridez:

Tinker Bell Pop Vinyl:

I would give this box four out of five. I feel as though in this box they got the theme while having some good characters and items. Princess Atta, Gus, Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket are all certainly known for being especially small, and then of course "it's a small world" is a no brainer! The only issue I had with this box is the fact Tinker Bell does not stay upright at all - she is very top heavy, unfortunately.

Have a great day everyone,