Food, Glorious Food!

Hello everyone,

We spent 10 days in the UK at the end of August, and while we were there we made a point of doing some more unique dining experiences.

Let's start with two places at the same shopping mall, Bluewater, in Dartford, Kent.

A couple of years ago a brand new casual dining location opened up, called Cocoba. Whenever we are at Bluewater, we pretty much have to visit here because they offer amazing food and drinks, usually loaded with chocolatey goodness! My most favourite thing that they offer though, is the waffle with fruit, ice cream and melted chocolate. To say it is sweet would be an understatement! Be prepared for calorie overload!

The other place in Bluewater that we find ourselves at frequently when in the area, is Ed's Easy Diner. From the British point of view, this is the ideal all-American diner. Offering burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and milkshakes, it is typical American fast food. However, I'll be honest, the food here is about ten times better than any American diner I've ever tried, and the milkshakes are out of this world - especially the Nutella one!

Afternoon tea, or cream tea as it is often known as in the UK, is about as stereotypically English as you could get. It conjures images of ladies wearing big hats, sitting under a parasol outside a tea room in the Great British countryside. Although having cream tea wasn't a new thing for me, this trip we tried a place we had never been to before, called Mockbeggar Farm, near Rochester in Kent. The farm has a shop and a tea room, and is quintessentially British in just about every way. We ordered the afternoon tea for two, and it was divine. Everything is fresh from the farm and homemade on the premises, and it tasted amazing.

The last place I want to mention is another new place for me. In fact, the location itself is brand new, too. Creams at the Chatham Dockyard outlet centre is a chic, modern ice cream parlour/dessert place that offers a substantial menu consisting of - you guessed it - desserts! It was incredibly difficult to decide what I wanted - the menu is vast. I decided to go for the mint chocolate sundae. It was pretty nice, but expensive. If you're looking for a trendy hangout to grab a waffle or ice cream, then this is the place, but it does come at a premium cost.

Well, that's everything! Of course, we ate at a ton of other places, too, but these are the ones that stood out to me and I thought were unique enough to mention here on the blog.

Have a great week everyone,