Marvel Collector Corps - Guardians of the Galaxy Box Review

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the latest Marvel Collector Corps box, which arrived mid-December, but I have only just now had a chance to look at! Being the December edition, it had a Christmas theme, in addition to be related to Guardians of the Galaxy.

So, let's take a look!

The outside of the box:

When we lift the lid, we see the standard pin and patch, this month Guardians themed, of course. I feel like a cracked record on this one, but I don't know really what else I can say about the patch and pin, except that we collect pins, but the patch we don't really have use for.

Under that flap we come to this month's comic, which is issue 1 of Guardians of Infinity, but with an exclusive Collector Corps Christmas cover. Even if you already have this issue, it's fun to have an exclusive cover, especially a festive one.

Under the comic we see a scarf, a vinyl box and a mug box. Let's first take a look at the vinyls.

This month is a double pack, and contains Groot and Rocket Raccoon. It's a Christmas Collector Corps exclusive, which is really cool. As per always with the Collector Corps, they are bobble heads.

The ceramic mug is a Star Lord one, but is not Christmas themed. I believe this is the fist time we've received a mug in the Collector Corps boxes, so it's an interesting change.

Finally we come to the scarf. Again, this is a first for the Collector Corps boxes, and is of course appropriately seasonal.

I would give this box five out of five. I think that this is probably my favourite box so far. I love the Christmas bobble heads, and the Christmas art on the cover of the comic is really nice. The scarf is a real fun item to receive, too.

Have a great week everyone,