Marvel Collector Corps - Deadpool Box Review

Hello everyone,

This week I received the latest Marvel Collector Corps box from Funko, this month themed to Deadpool.

Let's take a look.

The outside of the box:

Under the first flap are the pin and the patch.

Underneath that flap I come to the main contents, with the t-shirt on top.

This month's comic variant cover is of course a Funko Deadpool one, which of course is unique to this box.

There is a small Deadpool plush, which, while I am not a fan at all of the style of and look of Deadpool, I could go as far as saying he looks cute.

There is an exclusive Collector Corps Dorbz. He is wearing a cowboy hat. While I'm not really in love with it, it's nice to have another exclusive item.

As with everything else, the Pop Vinly this month is Deadpool, this time holding swords. As per all the Marvel Pop Vinyls, he is a bobblehead.

The patch and the pin both have Deadpool's face on them, and as I say every month: the patch is not so useful, but pins we collect.

The t-shirt this month has Pop Vinyl Deadpool on it, complete with his swords.

I would give this box three and a half out of five, which I believe is my lowest rating of any Marvel Collector Corps box so far.
While there are a good number of items this month, and they are all certainly of good quality and value, I find the variety of characters and the fusion of colours quite limited. The entire contents of the box focused solely on Deadpool, and given that he is red and black, it makes for a really dull box. At least with the other boxes the different characters were featured, such as the Morbius Pop and the Green Goblin pin, in the Villains box, meaning there was a little variety and colour.

Have a great weekend everyone,